What is Moroccan Argan oil?

Pure Argan oil is a rare and precious oil that is harvested and extracted from the nut of the Argan tree. For centuries, women across the Mediterranean have used Argan oil in their beauty regimen for vibrant, healthy-looking skin and hair.
The Argan oil is extracted from the Argan tree seeds, this tree survives in half-deserted areas of the Mediterranean an especially in the areas between the two touristic cities Essaouira and Agadir and it can only be found in this area of the world. As the trees survive in dry areas the nut holds a good portion of an extremely rich oil.
The trees are about 8–10 m (26–33 ft) high and they can live for very very long (200 years)

Moroccans use Argan oil as:

  1. A tasty oil that can be eaten just with a toast and a cup of tea and still tastes like heaven. Or they can mix it with nuts (Almonds or peanuts) and honey to give the -as I call it- the fancy Moroccan version of peanut butter. Argan oil can take part also in many dishes.
  2. As an age-old beauty secret. Moroccan women use Argan oil to hydrate and soften your hair, face, body and nails.
Argan oil has got a high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E and it is a UV-protector and free-radical neutralizer.
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