How To Give Yourself A Buzz Cut During Self-Isolation

🧖‍♂️ How To Give Yourself A Buzz Cut During Self-Isolation 🧖‍♂️

Once you start to think about giving yourself a buzz cut, at some point you’ll probably give yourself a buzz cut. Encourage yourself! Maybe it’s that day you first think about it, maybe it’s years later, but eventually, you’ll want to take the plunge. For many people, it’s one of those intrusive thoughts that just keeps coming back every time we look in the mirror and wonder, “What if?”

Google searches for “how to cut my hair” and “should I cut my hair” started to spike in Canada around March 15, 2020 — the same week most barbershops and hair-dressers closed indefinitely across the country.

So, let's start...

Step 1: Look at a bunch of photos of celebrities who already did that — Charlize Theron, Sinead O’Connor, Zac Efron. Run your hands repeatedly over your scalp, considering what it might feel like cropped.

Step 2: Repeat step one for a day or so without actually doing anything.

Step 3: Go to and order one of quality hair clippers. All our clippers have multiple sized comb guards for any hair length cut you can use. Order one. It will be delivered very fast.

Step 4: Spend 1 hour staring at it, taking it out of the box. Then, before you even plug your clipper in, practice running them across your head turned off to get used to the feeling. It feels weird, that’s OK. But it’s good to familiarize yourself. Think, “Well, if in future weeks I want to cut my hair, I’ll need it, so better safe than sorry.”

Step 5: Turn your favorite music, preferably soothing, on. Softly sing to yourself as you get one last look at the bleach job you paid a lot at your hair salon.

Step 6: It's a showtime! Start on the sides where it’s easy to see, working your way up from the bottom in a straight slow motion. Emerge covered in little bits of hair, but with the satisfaction that at least things will grow out on your terms from here on out. Then start at the base of your neck, and similarly work up, being sure to move the clipper around that little whorl most people have on the back of their head. Use the hand mirror to double-check you aren’t missing any spots. Get behind your ears, and run it straight back from your forehead back, covering all of the top.

Step 7: Repeat all over until you fell comfortable with your new look!

Good luck & Stay Safe!

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