Best Pomades for Men - How To Choose ?

How to choose the right hair pomade for men ?

Here are few tips & tricks to help you get going:

  • Super hold, indeed one of the strongest
  • A scent that should win awards
  • Water based pomade that rinses out easily
  • Medium to strong hold – and it should last through the evening.
  • Plenty of organic, natural hair nourishing components like Argan,  Beewax, Jojoba, and a short list of artificial ingredients
  • Easy to apply, gripping the hair to keep it high and forward
  • Strong grip pomade lasts all day, regardless of the style. It adds a fair amount of thickness and texture along with the volume it can achieve. Plus, it has a relatively low price point
  • Non-greasy
  • Easy to wash with water
  • Do not leave any residues after wash
  • Applicable to dry or wet hair
  • It doesn't stiff after a few hours
  • Provides natural sheen when applied to dry hair. If you add a little water to the process, you can expect a higher shine
Are there different types of hair pomades?

Absolutely. Indeed, you’re unlikely to find another styling product that offers such a range. You’ll find differences in hold and shine levels. But, even when you just consider pomades, you’ll find major differences in composition and ingredients. pomades are all made of natural, organic ingredients for your full satisfaction!

What types of hair can make the most of hair pomades?
  • Straight hair. It shouldn’t be a surprise that hair pomade will work for you - just about everything does. But, you might find that most pomades don’t offer as much lift and volume as you might like. If you’re after that, you may want to consider a clay or wax.
  • Wavy hair. Hair pomades offer the moisture that your hair needs to continue looking radiantly healthy. If your waves are longer, or you want a more natural style, opt for a styling cream instead.
  • Kinky hair. Argh, your quest for the perfect hair product doesn’t end here. But really, you shouldn’t expect a lot from a pomade. Use it as a finishing product to add a little shine and to keep strays in place - and you may want to avoid pomade if your hair is longer.
  • Curly hair. Yay! You’ve just scored a styling product you can work with. Pomades offer moisture, which is super important when it comes to ensuring your hair looks textured instead of frizzy. Expect an appealing glow - as long as you don’t use too much product - especially at the roots.
  • Short hair. If you’re keen on a slick, combed style, a hair pomade is exactly what you want. If you’re hoping to create a more textured look, move along.
  • Thick hair. You can absolutely make the most of a pomade, but you need to be careful that you don’t over-apply it or you may find that it looks a little greasy - and look for a strong hold. (Still, keep in mind that every man with thinning hair is wildly jealous of every hair on your head.)
How is hair pomade applied?

As long as you’re using the recommended small amount of product and your hair is clean, primed, and ready to go, you shouldn’t experience that much difficulty applying pomade to your hair. It’s one of the easier products to apply - as long as you don’t rush it.

Take your fingernail-sized dollop of hair pomade and rub it between your fingers and palms. Although it doesn’t need it as much as wax, a little heat helps the process along. Yes, that’s both application and the final finish. So, rub vigorously, even if you don’t love the texture.


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